‚ÄčSlab Repair

Our company provides a variety of services to repair the concrete slab in your residence or commercial building. The concrete slab in your home can be damaged or disturbed by any number or accidental or environmental factors. Richardson Foundation Repair has a team of foundation repair specialists that can handle any nature of problem to ensure your home is safe and stable. Located in the greater Dallas area, we serve all of the Richardson community. Give us a call today to discuss a foundation floor crack, settlement repair, structural damage repair, or the cost of fixing foundation issues.

Slab Foundations

Here in the greater Dallas area, and in the South in general, foundations are usually not installed deeply, as the frost line is shallower. Slab-on-grade foundations are ideal for supporting the homes in the area. Soil conditions fluctuate and a slab foundation rises and falls depending on these soil fluctuations. However, these constant fluctuations can also cause problems and put pressure on your concrete slab foundations, which can over time lead to failure. Addressing a failing slab foundation as soon as possible is important to protect the structural integrity of your home and prevent further damage to the rest of your property.

Foundation Slab Failure and the Signs

There are ways to detect whether your slab foundation is failing or if there is a problem. The first and most obvious way to assess your foundation is to look at the floor in your home. If there are cracks in the concrete slab or the floor appears uneven it can indicate a problem with your foundation. Other signs include the brick cracking on the outside of your home or the sheet rock on the inside cracking. Windows and doors sticking or not opening/closing easily can indicate a shift or problem in your foundation. Our experts can easily inspect any issue and make a determination, including the required fix.

Slab Repair Options and Solutions

If you have recently had a burst pipe that also damaged your foundation or your house has shifted and you need your home leveled, we can provide a solution. Our foundation products are proven and tested with years of experience. A professional technician can determine the estimated time frame and cost associated with fixing your foundation issues. We utilize a variety of methods and products to fix foundation problems, including piles that may be installed to prevent further damage.

Contacting a Professional

Our team and available representatives can provide you with the details of our available services and schedule a time for a professional estimate. Foundation repair can be difficult and dangerous, so we recommend hiring a professional with the necessary training to handle any given situation. A professional is knowledgeable and trained to address any possible situation or problem, including house leveling or foundation leveling, even on commercial properties, and can quickly develop an individualized solution. Call us today to discover for yourself the difference in working with the best foundation repair company in the Richardson area.

Structural Damage Repair