​Pier & Beam Repair

Our company offers affordable repair services for your entire pier and beam foundation repair needs. Experienced technicians can individually assess your problem and provide the most efficient and permanent solution. If you have sagging floors or your doors no longer fit the frame, you can count on us for honest and reliable service. We also provide preventative maintenance for beam foundations. Call us today to discuss the services we offer to ensure your pier and beam foundation is stable and safe, and the foundation repair cost associated with foundation problems.

Pier and Beam Foundations

An alternative to a slab foundation is a pier and beam foundation. These piers are built on top of a concrete pad, which is also reinforced with steel rebar. A strong beam is set on the pier. Because of the reinforced steel, this foundation type has more stability in areas where the soil often shifts. There is also usually a crawl space beneath the living space to support a pier and beam foundation.

Benefits of a Pier and Beam Foundation

While slab foundations are typically less expensive and can be built more quickly, a pier and beam foundation may be a better fit depending on the area. There are many benefits to a pier and beam foundation, including the crawl space, which allows for easy access to your plumbing and heating system. With a slab foundation the plumbing pipes are often under the slab, which increases the risk of cracks forming from standing water. Pier and beam foundations are topped with wood platforms, which have more give than a concrete slab foundation.

Indicators of a Problem

Pier and beam foundations and slab foundations present a few similar symptoms when it comes to foundation issues that may need repairs. During installation, if the beams were not spaced correctly, the house may become too heavy and cause sagging. You may notice this sagging in the floor. Following heavy rains and a poor drainage system, water can build up under the home and cause major problems, such as sinking or mold. Moisture can also cause the wood in your pier and beam foundation to rot. Any cracks, gaps, or sagging in your floors and walls may indicate a problem in your beam foundation.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repairs

Richardson Foundation Repair provides a wide range of services to repair your pier and beam foundation. We utilize several methods to repair your foundation depending on your individual set up. A block and base solution uses concrete blocks to support the entire structure. A pier and beam set up is similar to block and base in the center, but the perimeter is supported by beams. Proper moisture control systems are important to keep these foundation set-ups in top shape and prevent rot and mold. We can repair or replace the wood, beams, joists, and piers, or install a more efficient moisture control system. Call us for a foundation inspection today.

Settlement Repair