​House Leveling

The key to a stable and safe home that is well-supported and ready for environmental conditions is a solid foundation. The stability of your home starts from the ground up. Foundation problems can result in a decrease in the value of your home. We are a top affordable foundation repair contractor that can help you level your house safely and reliably. Give us a call today to discuss our foundation settlement repair services and all of the associated costs.

What Is House Leveling

The process of raising a home as close to its original state as possible is known as house leveling. Our technicians accomplish leveling a home by repairing the foundation and establishing structural integrity. Water and soil are the greatest forces impacting your foundation and causing movement and settling. Foundation erosion, plumbing leaks, inferior drainage systems, and tree roots may cause your home to sink or sag. Correcting these stability issues immediately is important to ensure a solution is more permanent and long lasting. Movement can occur in slab and pier and beam foundations.

Why Do You Need to Level Your Home

Seasonal changes alter the soil under and around your home, which may cause your foundation to become less stable. Burst pipes or other unforeseen circumstances may also cause moisture or water to accumulate and alter the stability of your foundation. Serious structural problems can be frustrating and disruptive to your every day life. If you are looking to sell your home or buy a new home, foundation problems or a home that is not level is important to look out for and can be addressed by our experts. A home is one of the most costly and important investments we make, so quality repairs will ensure your house stays in good condition.

Indicators of Foundation Failure

There are many indicators that allow you to determine whether your home should be leveled. Cracked concrete in your walls or floors is one of the most common indicators of foundation failure and an uneven house. If you notice a crack in your floor or walls, you can monitor the crack by measuring and comparing it over time. A crack that grows most likely indicates a structural problem and will need to be addressed. A home that is not level may cause windows and doors to stick. Making cosmetic repairs will not fix the problems and the issues may become worse.

Leveling or Raising Your House

Our licensed technicians utilize the best foundation repair methods for all of your house leveling or house raising needs. There are several successful methods available to level a home. These methods include using rods as braces to secure sagging floors, installing pilings under existing piers, or using chemical mixtures to stabilize the soil under your foundation. Hiring a structural damage repair expert to inspect your foundation and determine the best way forward is important to prolonging the integrity of your home. We can safely restore the integrity of your foundation, creating level flooring.

Foundation Leveling