We provide commercial foundation repair and preventative maintenance services to fit any of your needs. Our team offers an entire line of services from basic repairs to existing structures to designing deep foundations for new construction. Our foundation specialists will ensure the longest lasting results by utilizing quality products and methods. Safety is an important factor, and a stable foundation will ensure the safety of your commercial building. Give us a call today to discuss our commercial foundation repair services and book a free inspection estimate.

Push Pier and Helical Pile Systems

To stabilize or raise settling or sinking foundations a push pier or helical pile system may be utilized. The push pier system uses high-strength steel tubes and load transfer brackets. The foundation bracket is secured and pier sections push through until a sufficient load-bearing apparatus is available. This system transfers the structure’s weight to firm soil or bedrock that can handle the load. A helical pile foundation utilizes a central shaft and helical shaped bearing plates. Helical piles can be used for new construction or to stabilize the foundations of existing structures. Our expert technicians can discuss with you whether either of these systems would work best for your needs and cover all the details involved with the processes. Call for a free inspection today.

Multi-Family Residences

Buildings that house multiple families need to have a solid foundation to ensure the safety of the structure and the families inside. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and training to inspect the structure and recommend any necessary work. We recommend that large structures have regular maintenance and inspections that can determine if the foundation is sound and stable, or whether damaging moisture is present. Foundation experts we have on staff will inspect your structure and provide a solution that will be reliable and long lasting.

New Construction or Existing Structures

We offer a range of services for your unique needs, whether it is new construction of a large commercial business or repairs on an existing historical structure that is not quite up to code. Our technicians will work closely with structural engineers to aid you with foundation designs for a new construction project. We have the necessary equipment and resources to provide you with a custom design for a new commercial structure or other project. We recommend consulting with a foundation expert for all new construction. Our team also offers a full range of foundation repairs for existing structures. A professional technician will inspect your property and work with you on the best option for your structure, whether it’s a historic building with a crumbling foundation or a large commercial building that needs an improved moisture venting system.

Trusted Commercial Contractors

Richardson Foundation Repair is a top rated company for commercial foundation repair services. We complete all of our work ensuring code compliance and maintaining the highest standards to give you a high level of confidence that the project will be done right the first time. Our technicians are consistently working to improve their methods and techniques, and receive training on the most state of the art equipment.

Foundation Repair Experts